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Dumpster Rental Philadelphia
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Dumpster Rental Philadelphia

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Hot Shot Dumpster Rental has been an established household name in residential and commercial dumpster rental services for over two decades. We are proud to provide personalized care with fast roll-off dumpster delivery and removal to all communities of Southeastern Pennsylvania and Northern Delaware.

Our friendly customer support team is available to quickly answer any of your questions accurately. We believe dumpster rental should be easy, allowing you valuable time to expedite your project with confidence.

Simply enter your zip code in the box provided at the top of the page,  then submit your contact information and a brief description of the services needed. Our customer support team will contact you within 24 hours. To inquire about our same day delivery, or answer any questions you may have, feel free to contact us directly at:



Commitment to quality waste management is the cornerstone of Hot Shot Dumpster Rental services. Our service ranks among the highest rated, environmental conscientious responsible dumpster companies on the eastern seaboard.

We understand time is money and your time is valuable. That’s why our priority is on-time delivery and pick up to all our customers. More than two decades of experience has taught us a delicate balance between giving professional, friendly customer care, and the necessary speed required to get the job done right – no matter the size! Whether a local residence, a small business, or a contractor performing a large scale renovation; you’ll receive consistent quality and timely service every time.


Renovations, moving, or general clean-up jobs can be stressful. But getting a reliable price quote for your dumpster rental should not be a nail-biting experience – or an endless struggle to obtain information about delivery. We make it simple with no hidden costs or extra fees. Choosing Hot Shot Dumpster Rental means there’s never any “hidden costs” or “last minute added charges!

Our professional team is trained to provide all the information necessary for you to make an informed decision, including;

  • Choosing the best sized container for the job.
  • Delivery and pick up times.
  • Familiarity of local municipality regulations.
  • Free detailed price quote on all dumpsters and roll off containers available in your area.

Not sure if we service your area? Find a complete local listing of waste removal container rentals HERE!  

Quick And Effective Tips
Hotshot Dumpster Rental

Finding the Perfect Company

Finding and hiring a waste removal service is no small undertaking, but it doesn’t need to be complicated. On the other hand, choosing an inferior company can be a costly decision if you don’t have all your ducks in a row.

For those that have never needed a dumpster rental before, the process may seem overwhelming. You might not want to jump at the first company that pops up. We get it!

To make an educated decision; we encourage you to weigh out your options and ask questions. We believe in transparency, so you can be confident with your choice. Feel free to ask us – and our competitors – plenty of questions. Keep a paper and pen handy to take notes of your comparisons. Here are few questions to ask dumpster rental companies to help get you started:

  • How big is the job?
    By this we mean; is it an attic, entire house or estate, neighborhood, etc.
  • What type of materials need to be hauled away?
    Is it clothes or furniture, construction or yard debris, or concrete and dirt? Understand that an accurate price quote is based on your honesty and disclosure.
  • How is the dumpster or roll-off container delivered?
    Will the delivery vehicle need additional space to maneuver and how much experience does the driver have?
  • How much experience does this company have?
    Experience and reputation speaks volumes. Be sure to check out companies through the Better Business Bureau and read through their google reviews.

Answering questions like these will not only screen out unsavory and inexperienced companies, but also help you – and US – to determine your needs more efficiently so that we may serve you better.

Making Your Choice

Once you have done your homework, you will be better prepared to make a well informed choice. Consider these important factors: were they able to answer all your questions without hesitation or research, and did they treat your request with a sense of urgency?

Make sure the entire waste removal process from time of rental to time of pick up is thoroughly explained to you in terms you understand – and agree to. This includes ‘the fine print’ where many companies hide additional fees and exclusions. Pennsylvania waste removal regulations leave no wiggle room – especially with regard to hazardous waste. So, be sure there is no policy variance in your chosen dumpster rental company.

Questions We Might Ask

We will need to ask you a few questions of our own. This is not meant to be intrusive, but to better ascertain your needs. For example; are you dumping drywall, appliances or yard debris like tree stumps? This tells us the type and size of material that is being disposed, which size and type dumpster you will need, and how many. Pennsylvania dump sites have fees for waste by the ton and select varieties of recyclable items. Hence, disclosing which type of items are being hauled away helps will us to provide you with a precise quote.        

Tell us if your project primarily includes items composed of cardboard, aluminum, plastic, steel, or other recyclable materials. Recycling materials offsets overall manufacturing costs – giving incentives for consumers and landfills to process recyclable materials. This means you might just save yourself a ton of money! The bottom line is, any material classified as recyclable or biodegradable is cheaper to dispose of.

We’ll also need know if there are any hazardous materials. As a responsible and reputable waste disposal business, we are required to properly dispose of hazardous waste in accordance with all laws and regulations. Failure to disclose these materials will result in increased charges.

Our goal is to provide you with the dumpster or roll-off you need at the right finalized price, anticipated place and time as promised. You are key to helping us make this happen. In addition to the aforementioned  questions, be prepared to let us know when, where, and for how long will you need the dumpster rental.

Preparing For Your Dumpster Rental

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Preparing For Your Dumpster Rental

It’s important to note that some municipalities and counties require permits for dumpsters and/or roll-out rentals when they are placed in public areas or block sidewalks. By failing to obtain these permits, you could land yourself in a lot of hot water in violation of said laws. Allow our customer support team to assist you with this by asking if your proposed dumpster location will require a permit prior to dumpster rental and delivery so as to prevent such violations from happening.

Please confirm the exact time and place for your dumpster rental location and pick up. If same day delivery is imperative, let us know. We’ll make every effort necessary to accommodate your needs. Regardless if your job is a large commercial company or a small residential customer, our dedication to your time and needs is important to us.

Getting Dumpster Rental Price Quotes

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Getting Dumpster Rental Price Quotes

At the end of the day, we understand getting a fair price is what matters We couldn’t agree more! Shop around to compare price and services. We encourage customers to read reviews, talk to friends and family, utilize Google and social media for feedback, and check out company ratings at the Better Business Bureau. But remember: just because it’s cheap, doesn’t mean it’s the best deal. If everything came down to price, we would all be driving Yugo’s and sipping on Kool Aid. You get what you pay for.

Ask the list of questions we provided and feel free to add some of your own. If the answers you get are leaving you confused or unsettled, then you should continue to look elsewhere. You work hard for your money so don’t waste it on a company that is not willing to answer your questions promptly, seems a bit shady, can’t get give you a precise price quote, or specify a delivery and pick up time.

To help clarify the price, ask these simple questions:

  • Is there any part of the price quote that is variable or subject to change?
  • Is there charge for transportation and delivery or disposal overages?
  • How long is the rental period? (daily, weekly, biweekly or a month)
  • Any additional charge for holiday weekends?

The majority of dumpster rental companies charge a flat rate based on the length of rental time and size. Additional weight is typically deemed as overages and therefore added on later. This is so companies don’t lose money when it comes time to dispose of the extra weight. Other price changes can apply if your timeframe is extended longer than you predicted. But we’re always happy to work with you.

When Your Dumpster Rental Arrives

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When Your Dumpster Rental Arrives

By this time, you have scheduled your dumpster delivery as well as paid the required deposit. We highly recommend that you plan to be on-site when it arrives so you can help direct the driver to the exact location you want the dumpster to be placed. However, if you are not on-site, he will  do his best to follow the placement directions you provided at the time of rental. For safety reasons, please be sure the space has been properly cleared and allows sufficient room for maneuvering.

If you need to change your the placement location, let the customer support team here at at Hot Shot Dumpster Rental know immediately. You will also need to confirm whether a permit is required for your newly desired location. In many cases, this process can take up to 10 days. You may find more information by calling your township.

Dumpsters are extremely heavy, so placing them on grass will surely damage your lawn. Soft, moist areas should also be avoided because the dumpster will sink as it’s filled. Plan to fill your dumpster 75% full to prevent spillage when Hot Shot Dumpster Rental picks up your container.

Prior to delivery, place some ½”-⅝” plywood and 2X6 planks under where the dumpster will be to reduce the risk of any property damages like scuff marks and cracks, including on blacktop and driveways.

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